About Le Belle Amour


Welcome to Le Belle Amour! I am so thankful and blessed to have you come and visit our site.  I started this company because I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts, ideas, experiences and all things “Beautiful”!

Le Belle Amour has grown into a lifestyle blog that focuses on the mind, body and soul. We provide daily inspiration, spiritual awareness, health and wellness tips, holistic beauty products and resources to empower your life.

My goal is to inspire you to enjoy the beautiful love that is life and to honor your soul’s purpose through offering inspiring blog posts, empowering books, nurturing bath and body products, and higher self connectivity.

I want to help people around the world live better through spiritual awareness, healthy living and love consciousness. This blog exist because inspiration is contagious and enables others to be their own change agents to create a happier, more fulfilling life.

Le Belle Amour translates to “The Beautiful Love” and that is exactly what I will provide on this site and in life everyday, my love for all things beautiful. Beautiful love is embracing who you are, living out your life passion, loving life and being free while you do it!

God is love, love is life and life is a beautiful journey. I encourage you to love every minute and every moment of your journey and embrace your beautiful love along the way.


Dawn LeRoux


3 thoughts on “About Le Belle Amour”

  1. missjessedeol said:

    Good luck with all future business endeavors, looking forward to reading more blogs!

    ~Join Me~ http://missjessedeol.wordpress.com/
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    ~Follow Me~ @missbayareacali
    ~InstaGram~ missjessedeol

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time out to visit and read. Be blessed!

      • Dear Dawn LeRoux;

        Hi. All I have seen from your site is this page (about page), and already feel your positiveness.
        So let us spread love & Peace. It is contagious.
        Maybe the only hope for humanity is Love to act like a contagious positive virus.
        Until that day, that everybody awakens to self-consciousness we cherish the moment.

        Love & Light

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