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Have you been feeling fearful lately? Do you worry a lot? Have you been having joint pain more than usual? Has your memory be fuzzy? Has your gut instinct been off? Have you been extremely emotional for no reason? Have you lost your sex drive?

I am asking you these questions because a lot of us experience these things and ignore the signs. We think our memory has been fuzzy because work has been stressful lately. Or, that tension in my neck is because the kids have been getting on your nerves for the past few months. Possibly you’ve been an emotional wreck because your spouse just isn’t understanding you at all. Granted some of our stress is environmental but most of it is created by the energy we allow in to our force fields and the energy we put out into other peoples force fields.

When I first started to study more about chakras, I assumed that it was some mystical delusion that really didn’t exist. I was soon educated during a real life experience when I was receiving a massage and the therapist vaguely mentioned that she was clearing my chakras because I was out of balance. I was half listening so I said sure sounds good and closed my eyes. She started asking me some questions such as the questions I posed to each of you earlier. I found myself answering each question and she simply responded with which of my chakras were out of balance.

Using what appeared to be a crystal wand she went over my body stopping at each chakra, clearing each and every one. I could feel this weird warm like sensation while she was clearing and balancing my chakras and told myself if this works, I am sold! She explained that I would feel a little woozy for the first day or so because it was my first time being cleared. She explained that I needed to drink plenty of water and lots of green foods. Lastly she informed me that I needed to meditate and everything would be ok.

I walked away from that massage more curious than ever about my chakras and intrigued by the fact I was feeling better and all of my symptoms were gone. I was now a believer in the chakras and I try my best to be aware of the energy I give and receive. I thought it would be cool to share some more information with you about your chakras and how they relate to you day to day life.

I hope you enjoy and be mindful to remain in a state of love and love consciousness. Treat everyone with love and kindness, do good and good will come to you. đŸ™‚ If you want to learn more about chakras visit http://www.chakrahealing.com for more information. I like this website a lot and recommend that you visit their site for more information.