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Summer is the perfect time to let your hair down and be sexy ladies. Monica Wilson is a Le Belle Amour favorite and I know some of you need a few new moves to get a little extra “nightstand money”! I am already practicing these moves so I can give that special someone an alter ego experience. Lol

Thank me later for sharing this video with you, but for now master these moves and put a smile on your man’s face!

To learn more about Monica Wilson and her Xoticy classes visit her webiste at http://www.Xoticy.com

Xoticy was created in 2004 by creator Monica Wilson

Xoticy is located at the home of Gotta Dance Atlanta every Wednesday Night 8:30pm-10pm with Monica Wilson $15.00

Xoticy is a dance class that builds self-esteem and confidence. With Self-esteem and confidence brings a happy woman, A happy woman brings a happy relationship, A happy relationship brings a happy marriage which means my work here is done.

To Book Xoticy by Monica Wilson for your next Party or to order Xoticy apparel visit http://www.Xoticy.com