What Is A Soul?

I started asking myself this question and I started to realize that there were so many answers to this question. Life is a self journey so respectfully, there should be several different answers to this question right? 

Well I wanted to share with each of you some of my thoughts on what I think a soul is and the soul’s purpose. I will do my best to keep it simple. 🙂

When I asked myself this question, many answers or definitions immediately came to mind. First thing that came to mind, the soul is God! The soul is God because God is everything and in everything so yes, the soul is God. The soul is the “God” in me.

I also think that the soul is infinite. It functions beyond the physical realm and is remains even after the physical body has return to God. Our bodies are made of dust, water and a soul. When the dust and water decompose, the soul will remain infinite. 

The soul is your guide, it is your compass. It is the very thing that moves you, excites you, corrects you, teaches you and directs you. The soul is your spiritual GPS and unlike Google Maps, the soul will never misguide you.

The soul is your purpose. That yearning that wakes you up every day and keeps you motivated to want more or that thing that has you confused and frustrated is all guided by the purpose which your soul was placed here to fulfill. If you are out of flow and still searching for life to make sense then you are more than likely still seeking to fulfill your soul’s purpose. If you are happy, doing what you love to do, enjoying life, being of service and humbly living in the present moment, then you are in flow and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

The soul is free of judgement and is strictly a spiritual entity that acts as your director of operations for all things spiritual. The soul is the liaison between your physical body and God. It is the spiritual transmitter for your life. It is lighter than air and voluntarily moves while being liable to pain and joy, love and hate, knowledge and ignorance. The soul can educate itself and others, as well as educating bodies and symptoms. The soul is the direct connection to life, love and God.


The soul is multi-lingual and often speaks in silence. Learn to listen to your soul because the soul is the voice of “YOU” and your true self.

To think that there is a definitive answer to this question is crazy because I am not sure there really is. I would just like to encourage you to love every minute of your life, and to do whatever is good for your soul .