Miraculous Being

Congratulations on completing our first week together! In the past few days we have discovered and experienced the infinite love and possibility that is part of our essential nature. We have seen through the disguises of our ego or self-image, uncovering the radiant beauty and joy of our true, eternal self.

In today’s meditation we will delight in the gifts of spirit. On this special guided journey, we invite you to listen to the wisdom of your heart and let your experience unfold with ease and grace.

Our centering thought for today is:

I am love. I am eternal. I am spirit.


As we prepare for today’s meditation, take a few slow, gentle breaths. Breath is the movement of spirit in its subtlest physical expression. As you breathe slowly and gently, the body relaxes, the mind finds its still point, and the stage is set for inspiration—the flowing in of spirit.