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I am a fan of Gary Zukav and a lot of his Soul Series books. I started with “The Seat Of The Soul” and then I moved on to “Soul to Soul” once I had completed reading “The Seat Of The Soul”. I understand that every book isn’t for everybody but I highly recommend giving “The Seat Of The Soul” by Gary Zukav a try. It was a very good read for me and a book that took me quite some time to read. I really took the time to read the book, because it is a lot to really take in and study..

I started studying spirituality and the “Bigger Picture” a few years ago. I have always been connected to God because of the very strict religious upbringing that I had. I will admit that my mother did a very good job at balancing religion with spirituality in our home but I was still seeking a stronger connection with God. This book resonated with me because it answered questions I had always asked but many people didn’t have the answers too. For example, I somehow would always know certain things but I had never been taught on the subject, or even experienced it. The book help me understand past life experiences/ personalities.  I always felt like I was an “old soul” because I was more mature than my peers at a very young age, I now understand that the soul is infinite and here enjoying a physical life experience.

Gary Zukav does a great job of simplifying our soul existence and personalities along with defining the soul experience vs. the physical experience. The way he describes this is how to transform from a five-sensory physical being to a multi-sensory ‘spirit in a body. This is the biggest difference between five-sensory perception and multisensory perception: The five senses require you to pay attention to what is outside of you. Intuition requires that you pay attention to what is happening within.

 I can’t say enough about this book, other than give it a try. You can learn more about Gary Zukav at www.seatofthesoul.com and even on www.oprah.com . I hope you enjoy!