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1.) More athletes are transitioning to eating more whole plants and eating clean to improve their athletic performance.

2.) You can get PLENTY of PROTEIN eating whole plants and eating clean without having to eat meat that can be very hard to absorb and digest.

3.) We don’t need massive amounts of protein and eating too much protein can be harmful to your body. Leafy green vegetable can provide as much as 45% of their calories in protein.

4.) Many of our day to day foods are processed and have been genetically modified, eating a whole plant based diet can be very beneficial and even life changing.

5.) You are what you eat! You can transitioned at any time and as with any lifestyle change it can take a while to transitions. Find healthy recipes that work for you and get creative when cooking and creating plant based meals for you and your family. Don’t think about what you are giving up but instead focus on the benefits of your new lifestyle.

Life is a self journey and we have to embrace life with excitement and love. We are all flawed and human so it is natural to make mistakes and to back track a time or two. 🙂 I want to encourage each of you to strive for a healthier lifestyle and to put your best foot forward in this thing called “Life”.

I had a great time with Julieanna Hever this morning and I hope that you are able to glean something from the top five things I learned from today’s show. Have a healthy day!