I have been traveling and I was a little out of pocket last week. I still wanted to give my final update for the 30 day squat and abs challenge. I will say that I have lost about 12 pounds and that is with me being inconsistent during my week of travel. I wasn’t able to do my “green smoothie” in the mornings and I didn’t have my juicer. I will say that the green smoothie and juicing was very helpful to my success. I am adding on an extra week to my challenge to make up for my lost week because I want to make sure I am able to get the most out of the challenge. Overall I will say my legs are a bit smaller and I see a little “lift” in my butt…LOL

I also started walking and swimming as part of my exercise routine. One great thing I started doing was my squats and lunges in the pool so it wasn’t as bad on my knees. I could feel the burn in the morning after my water exercises but I can see the results too. I highly recommend using the pool and doing water aerobics/exercise if you can. This is especially helpful for those of us who are carrying extra weight and the exercise can be bad on our knees.

What are some of the results you guys are seeing?

How did the challenge work for you?

Are you going to join me in the next challenge?

I would say if you are up to it, we can continue the challenge for another 30 days and see if our results are even better. J Don’t forget that Le Belle Amour is starting our 30 day Yoga and Meditation challenge on August 1st, so I am definitely looking forward to that. I am super excited about this upcoming challenge because it is about the mind, body and soul. We will incorporate the 21 day Meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra in our 30 day challenge.  I look forward to getting ourselves together over the remainder of the year.

Here are a few videos for our last week in the ab and squat challenge!