Life Out of the Box

LOOTB Gives to Kids in Central America. Every Child is Equal.

In our eyes, every child is equal. That’s the mentality we’ve had from day one since we left California to embark on this journey of starting Life Out of the Box in Central America. We believe that every single child deserves the chance to have an education, get creative, and go after their dreams. We want to give kids all over the world, no matter where they were born, the tools to do just those things.

We started Life Out of the Box in beautiful Nicaragua where the people, the culture, the land and, of course, the kids all changed us both to the core. We came to the country to find out how we can give back to the people but what happened was that Nicaragua gave back to us in the most amazing way we could have ever imagined. As you watched in our latest video on YouTube, we…

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