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Today’s Synergy Soul show was very good. We discussed Types, Stereotypical Dating Rules and Interracial Dating. Here are the “Top Five” things that I learned from our show today:

1: Having a certain type when you’re dating can be the main reason why you are still single. Keep an open mind and open heart and love will find you.

2: You no longer need to wait three days after meeting someone to call them. If you meet someone and you really like them, give them a call and start conversation immediately. There is no time like the present.

3: Take time in your relationship and get to know your mate before you rush into commitment. No one likes to be pressured and rushed into a relationship. Enjoy spending time and getting to know one another.

4: Black men and Asian women are  two times more likely to date outside of their race and enter into an interracial relationship. I found this to be very interesting, things that make go hmmm…

5:  Sex on the first date is really a matter of choice and in some case can lead to long term commitment. However in my personal opinion ladies, you should still wait and allow a man to make a personal investment in to the relationship before you choose to sleep with him. Trust me it will save you a lot of heartache and headaches not to mention keep your VCS very high.

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