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Now, that I am recording a show I thought it would be a fun touch to add the “Top Five” things I learn from every show. This will be a great way to recap the show with each of you and to highlight some of my favorite moments.

Monday’s on Synergy Soul is all things intimacy! We use Monday’s to cover all things sex, intimacy, bedroom and sensuality. On today’s show we discussed sex toys, orgasms and masturbation. Here are the five things I learned from today’s show:

1: One in every two women own a sex toy! That’s right half of us women own a sex toy and 81% of us have taken our sex toys into the bedroom with our mates.

2: Using sex toys is a great way to curb promiscuity for single women who are in between relationships.

3: Sex toys are a great way to spice up the bedroom and avoid the boring sex syndrome in your relationship.

4: The male g-spot is located two inches into his rectum and women can stimulate a man’s g-spot by “Milking” his prostrate. Milk does a body good. Thank me later! 🙂

5: A woman can ejaculate but this can only be accomplished by g-spot stimulation. Female ejaculation is often referred to as “squirting”!