Quiet Mystic (previously Tarot Salve)

We so often hear that we can manifest whatever we want, if we only can manage to visualize it first and form a clear intention and set clear goals. Well–first of all, you know that isn’t always totally true. What if our intentions and goals conflict with someone else’s intentions and goals? What if our intentions and goals conflict with the planet’s own process of bringing itself into balance? What if…? There are many ways in which thoughts and intentions can go awry.

It is true, though, that unless you start with intention, you are unlikely to reach your goal. Strong clear intentions increase your chances of achieving your purpose by…a lot. (I’m not a math person. Sorry!) 

Many of us, though, find it difficult to form clear intentions. We aren’t quite sure what it is that we want. 

The truth is that intentions don’t spring into existence out of…

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