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How many of us can relate to falling for someone who you know is the one for you but for whatever reason the two of you are still just “friends”?

I hope you enjoy “Best Friends” by RaVaughn.

I’m not your f%$kin best friend
I’ve been sittin’ on this bench too long
While you’re playing with these
Basic fake chicks
And come complaining when it all goes wrong
If you open your eyes
And give sense a good try
I’ll be all you need
And more
Than a f%$kin best friend

Was I ever an option on the phone talking
2 o’clock in the morning
Asking me to fix what’s broken
Open up my heart and then you stole it
Those random times I cross your mind
Do I give you butterflies?
Cuz baby I get chills every time I chill with ya