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I hope you all had a great weekend! If you are new to the site “Welcome” and if you are a lover of the site “Thanks” for reading and joining us.

I post the Diary of a Fitness Junkie twice a week to give fitness tips, recipes and workouts to each of you. My goal is to inspire each of you to get healthy and to try something fun and new in your workout. So if you are just starting on your fitness journey “Congratulations” and if you have successfully made that transition into the healthy lifestyle “Kudos” either way I am very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself as well.

Today in our Diary of a Fitness Junkie, I am sharing Personal Trainer Jenelle “Get Bodied By J” Salazar who is based in Atlanta, GA. We have featured her before and I really love her style of training. Each of you really liked her so I wanted to share more of her videos.

If you are in the Atlanta area please reach out and attend her classes and if you aren’t in Atlanta she can still provide you with a fitness package. Visit www.getbodiedbyj.com for more information.