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Today’s affirmation is: I now listen to what I say, I don’t say anything that I don’t want to become true for me.

There is so much power in our thoughts but we have just as much power in our words. Words are one of the key sources to manifestation in your life. If you want something I believe that you have the ability to speak it into existence. This could be healing, relationships, employment, opprotunities, love, money or really anything you desire. The key is to be concious and aware that what you speak today can become your tomorrow. Meaning, don’t speak negatively about yourself or have doubt when speaking of your dreams, instead speak positively and with authority. Have a very confident attitude and know that everything you want in this life can be yours and you have the power to speak it into exsitence. So I must ask, what are you saying that will uplift you in a positive way?