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Energy follows thought! Add energy to what you WANT!

My body is slim, trim, skinny and thin, naturally, in perfect healthy ways!

Everything I eat and drink makes my body slim, trim, healthy, beautiful and youthful.

My body is beautiful. I am beautiful.

Your body is beautiful. You are beautiful.

I forgive everyone and everyone forgives me.

I am one hundred per cent healthy now!

I have wonderful joy in a wonderful way, and my wonderful joy is here to stay.

I am now deluged with all the happiness that the Universe has planned for me!

My heart’s desire is a perfect idea in Divine Mind, and now comes to pass, under Grace in a magical Perfect way!

I am nourished by the Spirit within. Every cell in my body is filled with Light. I give thanks for radiant health and happiness.

Divine Order is now established in my mind, body and affairs.

I release this situation into the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom and all is well.