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I am sure by now you have figured out that I love Dr. Wayne Dyer. I am a huge fan of his and have most of his books. One of my favorites is Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. It is based off of the Tao Te Ching and the teachings of Lao Tzu.

After hearing the audio book, I immediately went and purchased the Tao Te Ching and started reading it. It is a very small book so it was an easy read but the key is to take your time reading it. It is like most spiritual books because it is something you will always read. I have it with my other “holy” books like the Quran and the Bible.

Dr. Wayne Dyer really simplifies his teaching with a “Let Go and Let God” thought process. I can’t say enough about Dr. Wayne Dyer and how this series alone changed my life. It gave me a peace and confirmation that God is always in control and if I let go and allow God, everything will work out to my highest good. If I stopped trying to control everything and just went with the natural flow for my life, I would receive so much more. I now understood that “Less is More” and to be God realized.

I hope you enjoy this video; it is a brief view into Wayne Dyer and his teachings. I know it isn’t the entire teaching but hopefully enough to help you.