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Relax completely in a comfortable position.

Picture yourself in any lovely natural environment – perhaps by a green, open meadow with a lovely brook, or on white sand by the ocean. Take some time to imagine all the beautiful details, and see yourself fully enjoying and appreciating your surroundings.

Now begin to walk, and soon find yourself in some totally different surrounding environment, perhaps exploring a waving field of golden grain, or swimming in a lake. Continue to wander and explore – finding more and more exquisitely beautiful environments of great variety – mountains, forests, deserts, whatever suits your fantasy. Take a little time to appreciate each one….

Now imagine returning home to a simple but comfortable and lovely environment, whatever would most suit you. Imagine having loving family, friends and community around you. Visualise yourself doing work that you love and expressing yourself creatively in ways that feel just right for you. You are being amply rewarded for your efforts – in internal satisfaction, appreciation from others, and financial return. Imagine yourself feeling fulfilled and thoroughly enjoying your life. Step back and see if you can imagine a world full of people living simply yet abundantly, in harmony with one another and the earth.

When you are ready bring your attention back to the room, open your eyes and continue on with your day.