Last night I was having a conversation with a good friend when we stumbled upon the topic of “What attracts you to someone?” We laughed for a while as he joked about the physical attributes a woman has that catches his eye every time and how I confessed that any man over 6’5′ has my attention. 🙂 .

It made me think about what really attracts me to a man at first. I may say that I love Big and Tall men but the reality is I have dated some men who were only 6 feet tall and not always so big. He admitted that he too has dated women who weren’t shaped like the girls you see in the latest hip hop video but looked like the everyday woman.

In a matter of minutes our conversation went real deep as we discussed what really attracts us to our potential mates. Outside of the man being a God fearing man, I realized that the most important thing to me is a man that can make me laugh. I love to laugh, I’m a silly girl and I don’t care for the serious types. I love a man who is romantic and spontaneous. I also revealed that I have to be able to talk with him about everything from politics to family. My list went on and on with what attracts me to a man. The truth is that if you are a taller than normal man, you will get my attention. However you must have some substance to keep it.

I realized that I am more concerned with the man’s intentions, actions and how he treats me than I am with how he looks, his status or his bank account. I’m sure if we talked longer I would have discovered more. Next time when you are with a group of friends, on a date or even just in general conversation, ask the question “What attracts you to someone?” and see the responses you receive.