After a break up so many of us want to jump right into another relationship before we give ourselves a chance to heal and learn. There is a belief that the only way to get over someone is to quickly get under someone else. I understand that you want to move on and press forward but I caution you to slow down before you wreck out.

I believe that for every year you were involved with a person, you should allow yourself at least 2 months to heal. You need a “Time Out” to reflect, heal, and have some honesty time to hit the reset button. You would not want to date a person who was incomplete or still broken, so why do you expect your mate to want the same?

No, like really would you want a mate who is trying to discern if they are still in love with their ex or if they even want to be in a relationship? I know I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t want someone who hasn’t had a chance to settle the debts from their previous relationships.

Here is what I challenge you to do when you are getting out of a relationship or even a “situation”. I want you to give yourself 2 months for each year you were involved with that person. Take the time to address what happened and identify if there is anything you can do to better yourself. GRIEVE, MOURN, CURSE, CRY, SCEREAM and HEAL! Then take the time out to rediscover who you are because you are either progressing or digressing so identify which one it is. Enjoy life and do things you have always wanted to do and indulge in me time. Lastly, leave the past in the past and move on.

If you don’t take a time out you will find yourself coming in and out of relationships without success.