I love to see people handling their business. I am inspired by men and women who start from the bottom and work their way to the top. It energizes me to read their stories or watch their interviews and learn more about their success stories. If you pay close attention most have the same advice and follow an almost identical path to success. They all posses a strong business acumen and undeniable work ethic. Le Belle Amour will highlight business owners who are successful, living their life passion and sexy while doing it because success is SEXY!!!

Today I am going to feature the given success story of Oprah. Yes, I am a fan of the “O” plus she is an Aquarius like me so she’s winning!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was born to unmarried teenage parents. As a child, she split time between her mother Vernita who lived in Milwaukee, Wis. and her father Vernon who lived in Nashville, Tenn. reports the Biography Channel. Her mother was never really around much to take care of her, and Winfrey was abused by several family friends and relatives in Milwaukee.

Winfrey’s first job? She worked as a “quiet grocery store worker” and was not allowed to talk to customers.

In 1968, she moved permanently to Nashville after becoming pregnant at the age of 14. After her week-old baby died, her father decided to help her turn her life around by instilling strict discipline and making sure that she would get an education, reports People.

She eventually became an honors student in high school and attended Tennessee State University on a full scholarship. Winfrey later transitioned into television, and became Nashville’s first African-American female news anchor and now is the creator and owner of her very own OWN Television Network.

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